Tee's Tea in the Press

Hi high!! Check out my very first interview ever with the Creator & CEO of Tee’s Tea! She gives us a quick run down on her business, What got her started and how she best enjoys our beautiful plant medicine! She knows how to #TNTTHATENERGY

Join Amber and Megan in Episode 40 as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary and 40th episode milestone. In this insightful episode, they are joined by the fabulous Tee, the dynamic CEO and Founder of Tee’s Teas Brands. Tell opens up about her unique product lines and the passion behind her teas, honey, and body products. She also shares the challenges she faces as a trailblazing Black woman CEO in the cannabis industry, shedding light on the hurdles and triumphs she encounters in a predominantly male-dominated industry. Tee provides valuable insights into the importance of diversity and representation in leadership roles. Tee’s Teas Brands stands out not only for its exquisite blends but also for Tee’s commitment to authenticity and quality. As she shares the story behind her products, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the passion and dedication that fuels Tee’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

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Tune to n tomorrow night for our Twitter Spaces interview with Ebon Johson owner of @_DrGreenthumbs SD and Tee the owner of Tees Cannabis Teas!! 6pm Live!!! Hosted By @GoHAMRadio & @LegendTh3Gr3at

The Cannabis Wedding Expo is Back on Tour, first stop Los Angeles!

“The most unique part of the festival was that they even had infused food vendors of all kinds. We ran across one vendor, Tee’s Teas, who had infused tea. It was a normal-tasting tea that crept up on you as you walked through the festival. The tea she serves, she said, can be used for anyone over 21 who enjoys cannabis, and they can sweeten it with her cannabis honey.”